5 military and police dog breeds that you should know

We have talked about the role that different dogs have played in warfare. Different breeds of dogs have different strengths, and such strengths are invaluable in the battlefield. The complement the strength, tactical acumen and intelligence of humans.

While dogs have certain general characteristics such as an enhanced olfactory sense and loyalty, specific breeds offer more advantages in warfare. Strength, stamina and determination are some among such advantages. Let us look at different breeds that are used nowadays.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois - 5 military and police dog breeds that you should know

As the most preferred service dog, the Belgian Malinois is strong, fast and muscular. It possesses amazing levels of physical fitness and strength. As a result, it is often used by police forces and the military. They are dark in color and can grow up to 26 inches in height.


Rottweilers are kind of scary looking. It is a great trait to have for a war dog. They have been famously called butcher dogs as they used to transport meat laden carts. They are used in different missions such as search & rescue, security and police operations. In addition to being extremely disciplined and loyal, they can be dangerous when unleashed against enemies and hostiles.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever - 5 military and police dog breeds that you should know

You many think, but a Labrador is too cute and playful.. it can’t be aggressive! It is partly true. But their enhanced olfactory sense compared to other breeds makes them a perfect companion for search & rescue missions. You will often see Labradors with bomb squads. Interesting enough, the Labrador hasn’t always been simply a playful breed. During old times, they used to be a fisherman’s best friend, hauling ropes and fishing nets. They are also physically imposing and strong.

German Shephard

The most famous police dog, perhaps. The German Shephard is one of the most majestic looking canine breeds. The Shephard is confident and extremely courageous. It never shirks back in response to fear or danger. Sometimes it can even be reckless during battle. They are also smarter than the average breed, allowing them to learn many types of commands with relative ease.


Dalmatian - 5 military and police dog breeds that you should know

The last dog in this list, the Dalmatian is the official fire force dog. Although it is quite rare to see one on the field nowadays, they have a rich tradition as a fireman’s loyal partner. They used to run out of a building and attract attention of passersby with their loud barking, to signal that there is a fire. Ask any fireman, and they love Dalmatians!

There are a few more breeds that are commonly used, such as Pitbull, bull dogs and huskies. Like we have said, each breed has a unique quality about it that allows for different types of missions.

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