Top Resources

There are many online resources that focus on military working dogs. The themes vary from general adoration to disease prevention, maintenance and dog supplies. As an active worker in this space, we know many of such online personnel who campaign in this space.

In this post, we will bring to you some of the resources that we really recommend. Checking for validity and authenticity is one of the important concerns in the internet, and these resources are definitely valid. In fact, we work with some of them to reach a much bigger community.

Bullets 2 Bandages

Bullets 2 Bandages is mainly a shop that features a lot of products designed to help day-to-day maintenance and caretaking of military dogs. Additionally, there are a lot of memorabilia to simply raise money to maintain the online platform. In addition to these, they maintain a well-structured blog.


Think of DogIDs as a website where you can learn of health, safety and training aspects of dogs. This is more of a tutorial which is written by experts in the space. Military officers can refer to this blog to get ideas on new training approaches. Literally a “how-to” website.


Sandboxx is a website that talks about all aspects of the US military, including the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines and the Coast Guard. They also have a section that caters to military working dogs and their lifestyle. This is more of a fun read for folks. You can also check out the history of military dogs in the American Military.