Why the Military remains a symbol of joy and pride in every nation

The Military is always one of the proudest characteristics of a nation. In a way, it is quite ironic. As inherently peace loving creatures, humans are proudest of an organization that wages war. Quite the paradox. Why is it so?

To begin with, the military is not a war waging organization. The Military is the body that “protects” a nation. It is just a matter of perspective. Instead of thinking of them as someone who proactively seeks chaos, you think of them as people who help prevent chaos and protect people. And this is not wrong perspective.

army3 - Why the Military remains a symbol of joy and pride in every nation

In fact, the military doesn’t take decisions on its own. Governments take decisions. If the King, President or Prime Minister of a country decides on a specific course of action, the Military is sworn to obey. They are simply obedient soldiers in the war between heads of states. It is this obedience and unyielding loyalty that brings them such plaudits and fanfare.

The American Military is comprised of five branches – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Each unit has a different set of responsibilities and chain of command. The Army, as we know, protects the land of America, the Navy the waters and the Air Force the Air Space. These are the three main departments that people globally know of.

The Marine Corps take charge of amphibious warfare, meaning a type of warfare that involves land and waters. The Coast Guard performed maritime duty, guarding the coasts of American cities and towns. Both of them work in close conjunction with the United States Navy. Together, they protect America against all possible means and forms of attack.

army2 - Why the Military remains a symbol of joy and pride in every nation

Militaries around the world have brought great pride to their nations through victories and prevention of deadly invasions. In a world with such unknowns as terrorism, inter-country annexations and cyber warfare, the Military remains ever so important. No wonder that they are perhaps the most funded governmental organizations, along with education, health and infrastructure.

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