events - Events

Events are one of the best ways to gather people, motivate them and task them to spread a message. It serve to mobilize and galvanize. At Support Military Working Dogs, we hold many events on a periodic basis. These are most public events and open to everyone.

While we don’t have any political or military affiliations, we are a well-known promoter in those circles. As a result, it is not uncommon to see retired or even active military personnel, local councilmen and celebrities at some of our events. This is a national cause and attract different profiles of Americans and international people living in the US.

Award speeches

One of our top events is award speech, where we recognize and duly award (in principle, of course) slain canine martyrs and even officers that have achieved the extraordinary. These could include preventing bomb explosions, alerting the military to a possible terrorist attack etc. Such events are held in public centers and feature military officers as keynote speakers.

Dog health campaigns

We live in a self-centered society where we only care for ourselves. In such a self-indulgent society, we organize campaigns, both online and offline, to spread dog health awareness. Dogs are susceptible to many diseases and require active care to shield themselves against such diseases. Offline events feature selling medicinal supplies at heavily discounted costs

Thank you rallies

Well… we call them rallies, but they are essentially a small gathering of people who appreciate the service done by our canine soldiers in the military. These rallies are mostly within communities and don’t feature big names.