A call to action to the proud and magnanimous American Citizens

In addition to corporates, governments and communities, Non-profit organizations are essential to create progress in any nation. Non-profit organizations attract trust from people due to the fact that they don’t obtain monetary gains for any activities that they perform. As a result, they are able to mobilize and galvanize more people towards a cause.

And yet, Non-Profit organizations have a very obvious handicap. They need financial funding from magnanimous people. Their activities consume resources, be it time, money or labor, and require money. If such organizations aren’t able to raise the required capital, they lose momentum and gradually cease to exist.

It is the same case with Support Military Working Dogs. We are one of the most recognized NPOs in the United States. Our presence in Washington, the capital of the nation, ensures that we get sufficient visibility to gather funding. Additionally, our cause is a national cause and is related to the US Military. You may say we are in a privileged position.

usa2 - A call to action to the proud and magnanimous American Citizens

We normally approach institutions, corporates and even Senate representatives to raise resources. We have infrastructural support from the senate, which ensures we have items such as office space and marketing covered. However, the senate cannot directly assist each NPO on a monetary basis. That is why the nation has corporations.

Corporations have initiatives that are called Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR in short. CSRs are activities performed by a corporate where they don’t derive any profit from such activities. It is a way to boost their market image and brand power. Corporations that conduct an activity for no apparent profit have a better reception from people.

We approach such corporations on an annual basis to raise funds. American giants such as Google, Facebook and Coca-Cola are known for their generous contributions towards societal causes. They have been proud donors of Support Military Working Dogs. Many of our activities, such as Stubby’s recent anniversary gathering, have been possible because of them.

And yet, we don’t have enough resources to conduct our activities. You may have noticed the various events we conduct on an annual basis. That is why we write this post, to implore the generous citizens of the United States to support us in whatever way possible. Our expenses are not lavish in any shape or form, and even meagre donations go a long way.

usa3 - A call to action to the proud and magnanimous American Citizens

At the end of the day, we fight for a good cause. Just as we recognize and appreciate our soldiers in the battlefield, let us also recognize the unheralded military dogs that fight alongside our soldiers despite a lack of glory and recognition. Support us, make a simple donation. It doesn’t need to money, it can also be your precious time!

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