Reasons why humans and dogs have inbuilt psychological connections

If you ask your friends, you will find that there are three categories of people – Dog lovers, Cat lovers or Species neutral. Interestingly enough, people often read the characters of each other depending on which way they lean against. However, no matter what your personal interests are, you cannot not like any animal species that help the nation.

Dogs are often categorized as man’s best friend. There are many reasons why this is the case. As a species, they are programmed to be loyal, disciplined and obedient when trained. They recognize and appreciate the efforts of people who take care of them, and aim to repay them in whatever way possible.

dog2 - Reasons why humans and dogs have inbuilt psychological connections

It is for this reason that they are among the most preferred pets for humans. As a dog person myself, I love the fact that dogs are proactive and never lazy. You can take them for a walk and play with them, In my case, I have often taken out my dog when I go running or for other forms of workouts. As inherently physical creatures, dogs relish physicals exertions or activities.

In addition, there is another reason why man always has an affiliation toward the canines. From childhood, we have been taught values by our parents. Regardless of our ethnicity, background, social status or religion, there are some universal values we are brought up with. These include honesty, loyalty, discipline and empathy.

dog3 - Reasons why humans and dogs have inbuilt psychological connections

Besides humans, the species within the animal kingdom where such values are omnipresent is the canine species. Dogs are inherently loyal and disciplined. They often have a tendency to repay any help done to them. Now, you may say that street dogs often are messy and undisciplined.

And to that, we say that any species, human or otherwise, is a victim of circumstances. If brought up under harsh circumstances, even humans become non-ideal in terms of personality and attitude. At the end of the day, if we have been brought up under favorable circumstances, humans and dogs will be alike in terms of character.

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