Support Military Working Dogs is a Non-profit organization in Seattle, Washington, that aims so spread awareness on the role of our valiant canine officers in our Armed Forces. As Americans, we pride ourselves on the strength, dedication and commitment of our military officers. We don’t recognize as much the efforts of our military dogs.

Dogs are called man’s best friend, and for a good reason. They are the personification of loyalty and obedience. If trained properly, dogs will follow man to the death, literally. That is the biding principle under which military dogs are recruited and trained.

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Military working dogs have a great sense of responsibility in their paws. They are tasked with sniffing out dangerous explosives, aid reconnaissance missions in land, and even carry supplies within short distances. They are trained to completely neglect fear and jump into a warzone if required. This is the reason why we should be proud of them.

Our organization does many things to raise awareness. We hold events recognizing our top canine soldiers, hold funerals for slain dogs, help raise health awareness and maintain a blog to produce content that can reach millions of Americans. We are proud of our work, and hope it can have the intended effect.